Submission Info

The Fabian & Nobuko Foundation is UK based but offers support internationally, and dispenses a small number of awards of £1,000, £2,500, and £5,000 annually. Submission will be received at any time of the year, with positive grant decisions being made and communicated in January and July.

As a small fund we are targeted with the awards we offer, and require that each proposal is already partnered with a group, organisation or institution that has a proven track record in delivering similar schemes.

Please submit your proposal as a pdf of no more than two A4 pages with an appended single A4 page CV, at a total maximum of 2 megabytes, to [email protected]. You must include the contact details (email and mobile telephone) for two referees, as well as at least one contact at each of the organisations you are partnering with. You must include a clear timetable with deliverables for your proposal, with a schedule of how you expect to use the grant, and how it fits within the broader funding picture of your work.